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Developing Leaders for Peak Performance


When it comes to leadership coaching in Missoula, Glacier HR delivers results. Unlike other business consultation services, Glacier HR puts an extreme focus on its people. “We believe that all organizations accomplish planned results through people and an investment in personnel is an investment with a guaranteed return.” Glacier HR knows your business and their leadership coaching in Missoula programs set your organization up for success. With this in mind, Glacier HR offers The Empowered Leadership Model.

Steps to becoming an Empowered Leader

The 3 Step system teaches leadership techniques to capture self-awareness and knowledge, which are the key foundations of leadership. Furthermore, the Empowered Leader teaches leaders how to asses a talent mix along a continuum. Its tools like these that make Glacier HR one of the top Leadership Coaching in Missoula programs and in Montana.

Asking questions is key to this process, for example: What is the person’s skill set and motivation to successfully complete the job?

Finally, the Empowered Leader influences followers and identifies leadership trends through two behavioral patterns. These include focusing on behavior and coaching behavior, and both move a person forward through the use of four paths of empowerment. For this reason alone, Glacier HR provides the best leadership coaching in Missoula. They combine strategy, personal connection, and custom systems to search out real leaders in any organization. These are not limited to educating the person about the job. Secondly, enhancing the individual’s job performance through consistent direction and coaching motivation. Finally, inspiring the person to perform on their own and empower them to control their own personal performance.

In the words of Warren Buffet, “Identify good managers and then get out their way.”

To conclude, Glacier HR is the leadership coaching in Missoula model your organization needs to produce powerful results and become a leader in your industry. To learn more about the Empowered Leadership Program, please click here. For more information on our Leadership coaching in Missoula opportunities for you or your organization please visit our website: https://glacierhr.com or send us an email: bob@glacierhr.com. Here’s to empowerment and helping you find the leader within.