How to get on the first page of Google

How to get on the first page of Google

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Google’s Search engine makes people successful and takes businesses to the next level. While all these assertions are true, there remains one small problem. How on earth do you get on the first page of Google? This a key question essential for the business community.

Fact: Most people run to Google to search and find a solution to their problem. More often than not, their answer is on the first page of Google and they will not look further. With this information in mind, it’s imperative businesses put their best foot forward to get in front of their customers immediately by having a first-page ranking on Google. Adlevate understands this dilemma businesses face when marketing online. With this in mind, we are going to provide you with 8 simple steps to get on the first page of Google and stay there.

Long-Tail Keywords

The first thing you have to do is fully optimize your SEO by using long-tail keywords. While short keywords are more popularly used, long-tail keywords are extremely effective. Research has shown that long tail keywords are used much more in searches made on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc. With this in mind, using long-tail keywords brings prolific traffic to your website and increases your chances of being found on the first page of Google. One reason why long-tail keywords create such an impact is that they are widely used in relation to specific searches. The bulk of the regular searches are narrowed down to specific niche demographics and this is the power of the long-tail keyword.

Quality and More Quality

Most businesses and blogs that are on the first page of Google have something in common, sheer utter quality content. Nothing beats quality when it comes to Google searches. With quality comes the importance of grammar. Google gives top priority to websites and businesses who score very high on the grammar charts.  It is absolutely crucial that your posts are one hundred percent free of any grammatical or spelling errors. Furthermore, your website has to be in tip-top form.  Take the time to get your website designed by a graphic designer. The more attractive and professional your website looks, the greater your chances of receiving placement on the first page of Google.


We all know how wrong stealing the work of another person is. When it comes to Google this is no laughing matter. Google, with the help of their bots, is always on the lookout for websites who have copied their articles from another site. Instead of trying to bend the rules, the best thing for your business is to create original content with your own keywords. This will help you gain a sense of respect and importance with Google.

Image Quality

If you really want to get your business on the front page of Google searches, Adlevate advises that you use high-resolution images. Either hire a professional graphic designer or use services like Canva to make your work the best it can be. Similar to Instagram, it is a known fact that Google values high-quality image art. To this degree, there is something extremely alluring about websites that get their images just right. Following along these lines, if you own a business and you want to get on the first page of Google, make sure every image depicted from your company is high quality. Image quality has the power to attract or repel people from your business. To get on the first page of Google stay attractive.

Domain Name

One thing which many people fail at, but is crucial to the success of your business online is your domain name. Domain names are one way in which many people use to identify what you offer them.  As a business set-up to get customers online, you have to get a domain name that identifies to your customer the service/product you are selling. There are so many benefits that your business can derive if you add keywords that help to pinpoint the services you offer to your domain address.

Another factor that will help is your TLD aka: Top Level Domain. If you plan on being based only in one country, then you might choose to use a TLD that is smaller and specific to your country. However, bear in mind this may have negative consequences in the future if you decide to broaden your horizons and branch out to other countries. Irrespective of the decision that you make at the end, your domain address will have a profound effect on how customers find you on Google. Adlevate advises you take your domain name very seriously.

Website Code

To achieve maximum impact, put descriptions in your website code. It is important to note that these descriptions are not made public to visitors or those who regularly search. You also get the chance to input headings. When inserting your heading, make sure that you apply essential keywords that Google will identify with when customers search online.


Another key component Adlevate recommends to get on the first page of Google is having effective backlinks. Backlinks are often referred to as a link posted by a site that redirects readers to your website. Getting quality backlinks from different websites gives you a platform to attract more customers to your business. How do backlinks improve your success online? Imagine receiving a backlink from a website that commands a lot of traffic. The sheer number of new potential visitors searching for your services would be off the charts. Powerful back-links guarantee quality traffic and an exponential increase in your customer pipeline.

Social Media

Having a great social media platform as a business will transform your website and blast your traffic into the online stratosphere. If you have managed to build a solid customer base on various social media platforms, you can now leverage those loyal followers to visit your business website. This, in turn, will increase your traffic and improve your business relationship with Google. Currently, Google is in the habit of actually taking into recognition the reputation of the site when choosing what appears in the front page of the search. An example of this is Google Review Management. Solid engagement from customers on Google linked with Recommendations on social media platforms like Facebook guarantee a better overall ranking.

With this in mind, we suggest you start now and learn the various ways in which you can get on the first page of Google. While all of the options listed are doable, to truly get maximum results a lot of time and effort needs to be applied. We understand online marketing is not for everyone but is an essential piece of being a successful business these days.  Here at Adlevate our team is excited to help you achieve this goal. We are focused on helping businesses regardless of their stature to boost their rankings on Google and get the results they deserve.


To conclude, the ranking of your website is key to your success online and off. As a business organization it’s imperative you make every effort to get on the first page of Google. Following the above 8 tips will get you started on your way to google dominance and gain the respect and loyalty from customers around the world. Here at Adlevate, we want to help you with the heavy lifting and make sure you are successful in promoting your businesses online. Adlevate will help you leverage your website presence, increase profit margins and grow your customer-base with top search placement.



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