Team Building Exercises – Learn Creative Team Building Strategies

By February 19, 2019Team Building Exercises

Team Building Exercises

Learn Creative Team Building Strategies


Behind the success of any great business is its team building exercises. On this note, it’s essential for any business to have its foothold in the waters of creativity to resolve problems quickly and effectively. With this in mind, the Vast Creative Abilities Indicator built by the VCAI team captures creative thought and ingenuity thinking. With over 50 years of creativity research, the VCAI will help employees explore, nurture, develop and apply creative talent. Built for individuals, researchers and corporations VAST is the new success formula for businesses. Founded by Dr. Erik E Guzik VCAI is the winning formula to inspire creative thought and turn your business into a mover and shaker. Furthermore, VAST has the power to develop new ways of thinking which inspire the frontiers of business. Following along these lines this includes product development, customer retention, PNL and expanding markets. How does it work?

The Power of VCAI Team Building Exercises

The VCAI offers assessment tools for the next generation to identify and execute the creative abilities of your organization. Furthermore, using VCAI team building exercises will help your business with key fundamentals. This includes future new-hires, research essential to building the inner-workings of your organization customer acquisition and marketing strategy. Built to accommodate your business, the VCAI is equipped to fit your custom needs. Whether you’re a burgeoning start-up with 5 employees or a mass corporation of 300+ individuals, the VCAI offers the perfect team building exercises. Built for businesses everywhere, your team now has the tools think creatively and get maximum results.

VCAI Assesment for Research Team Building Exercises

With the VCAI Assesment, you will discover the core creative abilities and strengths of your research subjects. Researchers will also receive a group report and the Core4 foundational Creative Abilities Indicator including Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, and Elaboration. For only $10, your research team can get the tools required to develop and execute phenomenal creative approaches to building a powerful creative team.

Deluxe VCAI Assesment for Individuals

Built with a creative team mentality approach, the VCAI Deluxe package is fueled with the Core4foundational Creative Abilities and the 12 Creative X-Factors. This includes Humor, Empathic Perspective, Richness and Colorfulness, Fantasy, Emotions, and Feelings. To add to this robust list is Future Orientation, Provocative Questions, Expressiveness of Titles. Furthermore, applicants are graded on openness, context, combination/synthesis, and unusual different perspective. The Deluxe VCAI retails online for $99.99 for One User License Agreement. However, for individuals who would like to dig deeper, we recommend the Premier VCAI team building exercises

Premier VCAI Assesment for Individuals

Per the VCAI Deluxe, the VCAI Premier option provides the opportunity for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Erik Guzik, founder of the Vast Creativity Assessments Indicator. With this model, your team has the opportunity to discuss their team building exercises and creative approach for 30 minutes with the VAST Founder. This may also include an intimate session with the co-authors of the VAST team for $150.00 and includes 1 Premier License. To upgrade to multiple license options, we recommend the VCAI Team package, which includes 4 user license agreements. While the VCAI is a great opportunity to teach creativity through team-building exercises, for larger businesses, we recommend VCAI Corporate.

Corporate VCAI Assessment Team Building Exercises Package

To discover pertinent information about your organization, the VCAI Corporate focuses on 100+ user licenses. This is to ensure complete accommodation for your employees and provide top-notch team building exercises for your business. With this in mind, your team will receive 100 Individual VCAI individual reports and one comprehensive VCAI Organization Report, essential to provide your business with an overall value-input grade on your organization. Furthermore, with this particular format, your business will have access to these files at any time. Finally, to sweeten the pot, this particular package comes with the standard Core4Foundational Activities, 12 X-Factors and the creative team building exercises known as Mindtools. With this in mind, we recommend downloading Kathy Goff’s “Creativity in the Business.”

Learn Creative Team Building Exercises with Dr. Kathy Goff

To get started with your creative team building exercises, download Dr. Kathy Goff’s E-Book: Creativity in the Business: Personal and Business Organizational Applications. This includes team building exercises, creativity in the human resources department, leadership and marketing. Most importantly you will learn 5 principles for rewarding creativity. Download Here

The Power of VCAI in the Business Marketplace

To conclude, whether you are a researcher, individual or corporation, the VCAI has the team building exercises guaranteed to transform your team into a powerful result driven business. With this in mind, through VCAI you will have the information to acquire and deliver creative ingenuity in the market-place. Finally, you will have the essential tools to pivot and build momentum in your business marketplace.



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